Keep Music Evil
Keep Music Evil!

The idea of this webring and campaign is to keep music from getting cencored based on the artists religon. Basically, to "Keep Music Evil" Here in America (if you don't live in America that's ok) we have the basic freedom of religon, yet one major religon rules this country. The christians (imho this includes cahtolics and baptists) rule Congress, therefore make our laws. If these religous zelots had their way, anything they deemed "evil" would be banned. But what is evil? Child molesters are evil, rapists are evil, murderers are evil, but are musicians? Why is it that just because someone does not worship the christian god they are "evil" I don't believe that any one religon is pure or evil.

What you can do.

You can join the webring (i'd prefer that) or you can just put this pic on your homepage with a link back here. If you just take the pic i would like your page url so I can add it to a list.

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