Tupac Amaru Shakur--1971-1996:
2pac wuz mah nigga. I wuz down with 2pac since he got shot (da firzt tyme) 2pac told it like it wuz. He told da lil niggaz who din live in da hood what I wuz like. 2pac din live n da hood either but I wuz still down wif hiz wordz. 2pac wuz a rich nigga n he din live in da placez dat he singed 'bout but dat wuz arite. 2pac lived dere wen he wuz a lil g. Wen 2pac wuz arrested fo rapin dat bitch I only kould tink dat she axed fo it. Tupac iz a playa he don gotz 2 rape dem bitchez she jus din know dat she wuz gon 2 fuck 2pac. It wuz a surprize datz all. Dat bitch should ov been flattad dat 2pac wanded 2 fuck her fat ass. Stoopit bitch. Kourse 2pac aint dead. He jus be hidin. Tingz jus got 2 hot fo him n he faked hiz murder. I mean how kan a dead nigga put out muviez n rekordz out after he is dead? 2pac kome back inta da world. I luv ya!

Notorious B.I.G.--1972-1997:
Loozin Biggie wuz hard. Even that he wuz East coast. I wuz still down wif him. He wuz phat! It wuz hard enuf loozin 2pac but wen Biggie died I almozt cried. I thinked "Shit! Now I aint gonna ge no mo Biggie rekordz! Who am I gonna idolize now?!" Biggie wuz a good man. Why did he have 2 die? Biggie wuz jus a drug delah n a gang membah, I din see why any niggaz would wan 2 kill him. I juzt dont make no senze. He wuz a chior boy! A angel! A muthaphukkin saint!